Margaret E Dailey Attorney at Law has worked in areas of real estate, construction, landlord/tenant, estate planning, probate and wills for over 30 years.  Her offices are in Newport, Oregon servicing Newport, Toledo, Siletz, Lincoln City, Waldport, Yachats and the rest of Lincoln County. 


        In the United States of America there are layers of law.  In the areas of real property and probate it is mostly a matter of state law.  There are 50 states and the law of one state does not apply to all the others.  Any form required may need to be specific for a given state.   Do not rely on some form obtained over the internet.   Be sure that you have the correct form for your state by consulting an attorney in that state.  Otherwise, you may get unintended results for you and your heirs.  You may be able to correct an error but only expensively, if at all.  Getting assistance and doing things correctly in the first place is the best solution. 



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