When you purchase real property you are unlikely to understand the documents presented to you if you lack the training.  You need help.  Hire an attorney experienced in real estate, Margaret E. Dailey, to assist you.  This can stop you from making a serious and expensive mistake.

    Your real property is important to you.  It requires background and knowledge to transfer real property so what you want to happen, happens.  It is more than just doing something off the top of your head and assuming it will work. Experience matters.   

    Many problems occur in real property titles by individuals doing things without that background and knowledge.   Those problems may have serious consequences.  The problems may be uncorrectable.  The problems may only be correctable, maybe,  in a court of law after considerable time and money have been spent. 

    The best thing is to hire competent assistance from a lawyer to do things correctly in the first place.  Then you can accomplish what you want with  minimum of time and expense.  It may not seem so at the time but it is better than the alternative. 

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