Hire an experirenced attorney Margaret E. Dailey to make sure your beneficiaries get what you want them to. 

   A probate is the legal action taken after someone has died so that their property is protected, their creditors are paid and the property transferred to the beneficiaries of their estate.  Proper documentation in the correct form is required.  Unless you are trained as a lawyer, you need assistance to make that happen.  Don't rely on those who are untrained to give you the correct information.

    What you want does not happen unless you provide an estate plan properly prepared that accomplishes what you want.  Without a will the law provides what happens.  That may not be what you want.  There are legal requirements to a valid will.  Make sure you have not only a will but all other documents that make a probate that easily accomplishes what you want. 

    There are a number of ways to avoid probate and accomplish the same result through estate planning.  Those options require care and knowledge in order to use them correctly.  The options available increase over time.  In order to have your estate process efficiently and at the least expense in time and money you need careful estate planning.  Your situtation may change which may change which options are best for you.  You estate plan may need review and updationg as your circumstances change. 

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